Appeals to members of the ACFMJ for mediation

The last annual general meeting of the AssociationACFMJ It was the scene of several tensions on Tuesday evening.

According to Sarah Fiennes Ole, there will now be An atmosphere of discord and fear has settled in the Francisco community of Moss Joe.

memberACFMJ He talks about the contrast between when she moved to Moose Joe and the present.

You took me well then and now it’s not like that anymore. Fees are flying everywhere, but I hope the broker can help us, testify.

The presidential candidate talks about fraud

Maarouf Al-Sabbabi was re-elected as Prime MinisterACFMJ And on Tuesday evening by 59% against his rival Fabrice d’Orient. The latter today qualifies the voting process as con man.

These tensions withinACFMJ to inspire him Disgust and shame.

People suffer, people are afraid, He said.

Fabrice Dorlint defines that what is done within an organization is Contrary to Canadian values.

according to him, Friendly reconciliation is not possible, because the initial intention, precisely, is not to reconcile people.

The basic problem is that no discussion is possible, because people inACFMJ They don’t want to stop doing what they’re doing, he adds.

A vote of confidence according to the president of the union

The President of the French Collegiate Assembly (ACF), Denis Simard, on the contrary, considers the re-election of Maarouf Sabbabi is. A vote of confidence which is a positive sign that the community is happy to drive in Moss Joe.

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We are there to support existing leaders and ask the community to do the same, he adds.

L ‘ACF It also announces support for employees and elected officials inACFMJ For over a year, in particular by providing guidance on human resource files.

Tensions harm the cohesion of society and therefore we want to help organizations that face this type of scenario.

Quote from:Denis Simard, President of the Assemblée communautaire Fransaskoise.

head رئيسACFMJMaarouf al-Sabbabi says he is open To any constructive idea, including mediation, to move the situation forward.

With information from Desiree Kavonda and Charles Le Bourgeois

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