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Apple doesn’t want its customers to shop with Siri

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Despite the many improvements made to its personal assistant, Apple refuses to allow it to make a request for you.

If you’ve ever used Amazon’s personal assistant, Alexa, you know that it allows you to place an order in the online store with a simple voice command. In a very intuitive way, Alexa makes the purchase, and then tells you the delivery times for your order. A very practical feature, but unfortunately it is not yet available with Siri. According to Apple, shopping with Siri is out of the question.

According to the American media, the informationApple engineers cut off all research on this subject, in compliance with the rules set by the company in terms of confidentiality. In fact, Apple developers will have very limited access to user data about how they use Apple services, such as Apple TV + and Maps.

In 2019, Apple reportedly seriously considered taking action and enabling Siri purchases. In the end, I gave up, and faced serious limitations in terms of user privacy.

“The effort was held back in part by strict privacy rules that prevented Siri from associating a person’s Apple ID with their voice request. The Apple Media product team responsible for the project were unable to find another way to reliably authenticate users in order to charge them.”says the information.

Differential secrecy that limits engineers

For several years, Apple has been working hard to keep user data as private as possible. By limiting access to the private data of its engineers, Apple is seriously limiting development possibilities. So they regularly encounter difficulties working on the App Store, Apple Card, or even… Siri.

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As pointed out by our colleagues from Mac rumorsApple has created a secrecy differential system for this purpose. Simply put, instead of analyzing data from a specific individual, engineers will analyze data about a group of individuals. Differential Privacy transforms information that is shared with Apple before it leaves a user’s device so that Apple can’t replicate the real dataApple specifies on this topic.

For Siri fans, it will likely take a few more months, if not years, before you can make a purchase in the Apple Store or the online App Store.

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