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Apple is testing Swift Playgrounds 4, which allows you to develop apps on the iPad

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Apple invited a group of developers to test version 4 of Swift Playgrounds which contains a small revolution. The code learning program will already allow SwiftUI apps to be developed directly from the iPad, to be submitted to a community of beta testers via TestFlight, and even submitted to the App Store! Therefore, a Mac is not needed, even if switching to Xcode is necessary to improve certain aspects of the application.

We’ve already had a chance to touch two or three words to app development with Swift Playgrounds and Xcode, but 9to5Mac He managed to retrieve some screenshots of the program, how it works, and the process of submitting them to the App Store. Swift Playgrounds has an icon creation workshop with a choice of color and icon, but it is possible to use a custom image (capture above).

What building Swift Playgrounds apps tells us about the future of Xcode

What building Swift Playgrounds apps tells us about the future of Xcode

The site also assures that the budding developer will be able to view changes to his project in real time and that it will be possible to work on an application with other users directly. Application tests can be performed in full screen. We can also search all project files.

During WWDC, Apple promised Swift Playgrounds 4 for the end of the year on the iPad, and next year on the Mac. Since the software requires iPadOS 15.2 to run, we can hope that it will be delivered in the wake of the latest release of the operating system (currently in third beta).

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