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Apple is working on reverse charging

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Jillian Castillo
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Reverse charging technology has been on Android for more than three years in Cupertino.

It seems like a long time ago when Apple was at the forefront of new technologies. Instead, for several years, the Cupertino giant has preferred to publish new features when it’s sure they’re ready, even if that means falling behind the competition.

Since the end of 2018, or even 2019, many Android smartphones have enabled the reverse charging function. Completely unknown to iOS enthusiasts, reverse charging allows you to charge a phone using another smartphone. It is somewhat practical when the battery runs out and our loved ones are generous.

Apparently Apple, even today, has never heard of this technology. in patent Call “Magnetic Alignment System for Wireless Power Devices” And it was submitted to the USPTO on September 29, Apple describes technology that allows this “Power travels wirelessly between electronic devices. Devices such as phones, wireless charging pads (MagSafe), and other equipment may contain wireless power circuits.

In the patent, Apple explains how it intends to use the technology. And so, you explain it “To align the first and second device to transmit power between their coils, the devices can be equipped with an alignment magnet.” Apple will then take advantage of its own MagSafe technology. However, it’s hard to know if the functionality will land on a brand new iPhone, or if it can be made available through an update.

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