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Nédélec commemorates the 1922 fire

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The fire started from Haileybury, on the Ontario side, after a slash spread quickly to notably affect Notre-Dame du Nord and Nedelec in Timiscaming.

The municipality also witnessed the destruction of 52 homes as a result of the fire, but no injuries were reported among the residents.

For Mayor Lynn Ash, it is important to commemorate the event that marked the region’s history.

The festivities kicked off last May with the planting of 52 trees, symbolizing the 52 homes that were destroyed by the fire.

A mass was held in Nédélec on Saturday and a balloon was launched.

Several other activities are also organized during the day, which end with placing lanterns on Lake Témiscamingue.

It must also be said that people, I think, are very happy to meet and be remembered. It is a forgotten memory because most of the people who lived it no longer exist. So we believe it is also important to pass this page of history on to future generations.Mayor says.

This statue was installed to commemorate the Great Fire of 2000 in Haileybury, on the banks of Lake Timiskaming.

Photo: Radio Canada/Jimmy Chabot

The Great Fire of 1922 killed 43 people in Témiscamingue, Ontario.

Haileybury is also organizing several activities this weekend to celebrate the centenary of the event.

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