Netflix Canada News of the Week [20 mars]

this week, Netflix Fueled by Original Production and Feeded by Netflix! at HollywoodWe are already on our seventh day of voluntary confinement, so we welcome new movies and series with open arms!

A very uninspiring horror movie Platform Now connected and reminds us of the short movie Next floor By Denis Villeneuve. The apertureIn its original version, it plunges us into a prison where prisoners feed themselves thanks to a platform that passes through each cell for two minutes a day. The letter to king, A medieval adventure movie, also added by the broadcast giant.

As for the series, thrillers can devour Give meA novelty that tells the story of a teenager’s revenge. You can also turn to horror with Vampires, Which is a French chain among other features Susan Clement And the Aleuka Schneider. The Real crime Talking to you more? The Tiger King: Murder, Anarchy, and Madness, Which documents history Joe ExoticHere for you.

In four episodes, Self Made: Inspired by the life of Madam C.J. Walker It tells the story of an African American businesswoman, the first American woman to become a millionaire on her own. It is just thatOctavia Spencer Who embodies Sarah Breedlove was born.

Good fit and good cinema!

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