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Conservatives want big workers in California | Canada elections 2021

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To ensure workers’ needs are heard, the Conservative government will require federally regulated employers with more than 1,000 employees or more than $100 million in annual income to make room for workers on their boards, Chinese Communist Party leader Erin O’Toole promised in Ottawa.

This proposal targets about 100 companies, including banks, federal crown companies, airlines, railroads and telecommunications companies.

In a press release, the Conservative Party states that many countries require workers to be represented on boards. For example, Germany, the Netherlands, Sweden, Norway and Ireland require that one-third of board members be employees.

According to the political party, such measures boost productivity and employee engagement. It also allows them to better disseminate information to the CA in the day-to-day work of the company and share their opinions with others when making important decisions.

The party is also proposing to work with unions to update Canada’s labor law to provide greater flexibility in working hours and work from home.

Mr. O’Toole also talks about stressing Made in CanadaEspecially with regard to infrastructure.

We will ensure that workers have a say in decisions to deploy infrastructure, improve fair trade rules, and make sure we support the manufacturing and resource sectors.He said in English.

In the guards of the new democrats?

A reporter pointed out to Erin O’Toole that such proposals are usually closer to the New Democratic Party than to the Chinese Communist Party. Are conservatives trying to win such voters?

I have the same goals as many unions: job opportunities for their members and a strong economic future for their families.

Quote from:Erin O’Toole, Leader of the Canadian Conservative Party

Workers will have a chair at the decision table. Other parties don’t want a recovery in all sectors, they want to be able to choose which sector will find jobs after COVID. We need healing for all Canadians, to reply.

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As one journalist pointed out, the party, traditionally considered the champion of free trade, is to some extent including protectionist proposals in its platform.

With a Conservative government, you’ll see a lot of “Made in Canada”. And we will stand up to countries that violate the rules of international trade, such as communist China, replied the Conservative Party leader.

We need to rebuild our relationship with the Americans, which was at an all-time low under Mr. Trudeau. With Buy American Law, line 5 [d’Enbridge], Keystone XL, with poor results for agriculture, steel, aluminum… I’ll be there for the workers and make sure we work with our democratic allies to rebalance global trade, he added.

Mr. O’Toole was also questioned about the party’s proposal – contained in its platform – to separate Radio Canada’s board of directors from that of CBC and include representatives from the French-speaking communities. Outside Quebec and others appointed by the Quebec government, although Quebec residents are already on this board.

This is important, because it is in the public interest of a public institution like Radio-Canada to serve the French-speaking communities well from coast to coast, which is why we will create a separate management board for Radio Canadaexplained.

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