ArcelorMittal: $50/hour at the top of the ladder

(Montreal) Wages to the steelworkers’ union of ArcelorMittal in Longueuil and Contrecœur could reach $50 an hour at the top of the scale, at the end of the collective agreement.

Posted yesterday at 3:12pm.

Leah Levesque
Canadian Press

The three local divisions of the Steelworkers Union, which is affiliated with the FTQ, announced Sunday that they have ratified the agreement reached with ArcelorMittal Long Products.

This brought an end to the strike that had begun on 2 February. Returned to work on Monday.

This agreement allows them to receive a salary increase of $9 an hour from 2022 to 2028, a 26% increase in the average salary.

However, management has since determined that at the end of the collective agreement, the base salary will therefore increase from $29.93 to $38.93 per hour. At the top of the table, the salary will come to $49.92 an hour.

Moreover, there have also been improvements to the pension scheme and group insurance.

President and CEO Francois Perras said he was satisfied with this agreement with Steelworkers, which allows him to take care of workers, thanks to some innovation. He adds that the agreement will make it possible to “make responsible steel” while preserving the planet.

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