Are you bored in the “metro action”? In Calgary, you can take a karaoke bus

CALGARY – Bored on the daily bus trip from home to work and back? Calgary Transit Corporation thinks karaoke might excite you.

The agency announced that starting next week, the “karaoke bus” will be able to provide a little entertainment for random rides around Alberta during the summer.

The carrier pledges that travelers will never know when they can get on the “karaoke bus” and “be impressed by the unique sound of another traveler.”

A Calgary Transit spokesperson said the “karaoke bus” would complement existing routes, rather than replace them.

Stephen Tauro explains that this bus is part of a larger initiative to get Calgar residents back on public transportation, following a drop in passengers due to the pandemic.

Earlier this year, Go Transit, in the greater Toronto area, added an artistic touch to commuters’ day trips. In partnership with the Luminato Festival, the public transport company presented travelers with a show in which a fish in a suit and tie sheds its urban costume and rediscovers its aquatic profession.

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