Drake and Jay Laliberte’s private jets have traveled extensively during the pandemic

To say the least, that’s what can be seen from a thorough investigation by Global News that was revealed on Tuesday.

In particular, entertainment magnate Guy Laliberte appears to have used his private commercial jet to leave Canada on several occasions, notably the Hawaiian Islands. The plane also went to Tahiti six times, between November 2020 and February 2021, while Quebec has a private atoll 750 kilometers from Tahiti.

These thefts came on the advice of the Canadian government against non-essential travel. Flights to Hawaii were also implemented following the introduction of mandatory quarantine for travelers entering the country via commercial flights.

A spokeswoman for the businessman told the English-language channel that Mr Laliberte had scrupulously complied with the country’s quarantine rules, without specifying whether he had spent the quarantine periods at the hotel as travelers and business trips.

It must be said that according to information from CBC News and Global News, travelers arriving on private flights may legally be exempted from hotel quarantine if they get a negative express test.

The Drake’s Boeing 767 has also flown heavily during the pandemic, with 10 flights departing from Canada since July 2020, mainly to Nassau, as well as several domestic flights to the United States.

A spokesperson for the star declined to answer questions from the channel, including whether travel was necessary.

Canadian Business Aviation Association president Anthony Noriko told Global News that to his knowledge none of its members have been arrested in violation of travel rules during this time.

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