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Artis concert: Gabriel Fontaine and Christian Begin 1st nominations

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Tony Vaughn
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Gabriel Fontaine and Christian Begin will have the opportunity to leave with the first Artis Cup at the upcoming Artis Gala, which will be presented on May 9th.

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Passe-Carreau interpreter and youth magazine team member 14 thousand million things to know He was able to stand out, just like √Člodie Grenier, the alias Passe-Partout. If one or the other wants to win in the “Young Software Artist” category, he should be preferred over Val√©rie Chevalier and Pascal Morrissette of Crazy pig, Plus Pier-Luc Funk (14 thousand million things to knowAnd Forever more than one dayAnd Alternates).

These candidates were all revealed on Friday, during the morning meeting Hello good Morning, At TVA, where Christian Begin was associated, for the first time, with the big TV celebration.

The quality of his game in front of the cameras of the series Men It earned him a place among the men mentioned in the male role / comedy category, i.e. Adeeb Al-Khalidi (Like Moi!), Mehdi Bousaidan (King Street), Pierre Locke Funk (King StreetAnd Between two sheets(And Martin Matt)Beautiful harassment 2.0).

Competition is also set to be fierce for the annual Drama Series / Model Award. Helen Bourgeois Leclerc interrupts her (foreverGenevieve ProletDistrict 31), Maud Geran (5e Ring), Marina Orsini (Another story(And Catherine Saint Laurent)District 31).

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Woman of the year?

Who would be a sacred female character? Julie Lou Breton can hope to win the honor for the second time in a row, while Sarah Jane Labros is definitely enjoying the dream of reclaiming the title she won in 2019. The queen of this category, Gailen Tremblay, has her chances too. They were joined by Frans Baudouin and Julie Snyder.

Animation from 36e The Gala Artis edition was entrusted to Charles Lafortune and Guy Jodoin. The award ceremony will be broadcast on May 9 on TVA. During the evening, winners in 16 categories will be announced.

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