Artistic ironworks to help soldiers and veterans

Dominic’s work in the 22nd Royal InfantryAnd the regiment for two years. In 2013, he was diagnosed with PTSD. Therefore, he must leave the military service and, above all, return to civilian life. Dominique found in therapy the courage and the idea to create the Atelier du Vieux Corbeau.

When I got out of the troops, I felt a little lonely […] In the army I was a non-commissioned officer. I always took care of my friends and so on. I said to myself, “I will help people who are struggling to reintegrate into society.” L’Atelier du Vieux Corbeau was born this way.

The workshop is unique. Dominic teaches precision metalworking to create very unique steelwork that he makes for clients or sometimes gives as donations.

Every week, five trainees come to the workshop. There is no shortage of technical ironworks projects! Dominic gained this experience as a painter even before entering the army.

He’s putting the final touches these days on a military mural dedicated to the Citadel of Quebec.

Fresco “Shades of Freedom”

Photo: Radio Canada/Alicia Rochevrier

I want to show it to the Citadelle of Quebec to bridge the loop of my career. To say: “I was an infantryman in the regiment, then now I close the ring as a regiment artist.”

Contrary to the notion that one can sometimes have a fake, Old Raven’s workshop does not harbor large bearded savages… quite the contrary. Listening, learning and attention to detail are the elements that inhabit the ethos of method therapy. Furthermore, two blacksmiths are part of the team.

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Jessica Dupuis arrived just two months ago.

I’ve been searching for myself a lot lately, and I’m having trouble hitting a goal. I wondered what to do during the day, I didn’t really know anymore. […] When I met Dominic, I instantly clicked! »

Quote from Jessica Dupuy, intern at Atelier du Vieux Corbeau

Meanwhile, Annick Duclos has been collaborating with Dominic for nearly three years.

I’ve had the army in my life, the army and my children. Little did I know I was able to do anything other than the military in my life. This is where I started my craft and later met Dominic. Which really allowed me to discover my artistic side that I didn’t know at home. ”

Founder Dominique April photo with two interns: Annick Duclos and Jessica Dupuy

Dominic April, Annick Duclos and Jessica Dupuy

Photo: Radio Canada/Alicia Rochevrier

The Blacksmith Therapy program is exclusively for military personnel and veterans. Dominic believes that through art also we can give ourselves more value and importance. In addition to making unique pieces, bonds of trust are created.

It’s something that works. […] People tell me, “I’m human again. This is the most important part to me.” »

Quote from Dominique April, founder of Atelier du Vieux Corbeau

Why the name Old Raven? Because the raven is a symbol of birth, healing and guidance. For Dominic, ironwork was a way for him to find and share a new life with others.

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