Artists éemi and Marie-clo “will celebrate”

Éemi is a Francesco musician and Marie Clou is a multidisciplinary artist from Ontario. Their collaboration will extend to an entire album titled lips . The two young artists met in 2016, during Planète BRBR, a reality show.

This is a music competition for French-speaking singers and songwriters in a minority setting. Instead of a rivalry, a friendship was born between the two women.

Marie Chloe remembers the strong moments. It was still really intense, it was the big final, the big production [production] then the Pan-Canada Testsindicates.

Then the two artists made a decision to support each other and help each other.

During the pandemic they collaborated and developed a collection of songs inspired by the environment, plants and nature around them.

Their celibate is the result of artistic residencies in Ontario and Alberta that have been marked by quarantine.

Amy describes a song on which the pandemic had a direct impact.We find ourselves in this song in conjunction with the epidemic.

We were really in isolation for several years. Then we can’t wait to celebrate with our friends, to celebrate.

For her part, Marie Chloe sees the song as an expression of celebration Moments we may have taken for granted before. As with our family, our friends.

the simple we’ll celebrate It was launched on Friday to mark Earth Day.

The two artists promised to continue their collaboration.

scraps lips It will launch next winter. It contains songs that Amy and Marie Chloe would love to play on stage.

We just feel like we’re playing our showMarie Chloe divorces.

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