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Arvida aluminum bridge appears on Canada postage stamp

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The seal was officially presented in Montreal on Thursday by the Canada Center for Translation and Research to philatelic collectors, on the sidelines of the conference of the International Committee for the Preservation of the Industrial Heritage (TICCIH). The base of this group is located in Truro, southern England.

The delegation is scheduled to visit Arveda at the beginning of the week to visit the former heritage city of Saguenay, Quebec and Ottawa.

Only 200 copies of the commemorative stamps will be distributed by Crown. A few units have been reserved for TICCIH representatives. The city of Sagueni will also keep copies of it.

An example of innovation

Built between 1949 and 1950, the Arvida Aluminum Bridge is the first major structure built entirely of gray metal. It is considered unique in the world.

The seal shows the Arvida aluminum bridge.

Photo: Courtesy of Carl Dufour

Due to its aluminum design, the Arvida bridge weighs 163 tons. A similar steel bridge may weigh more than twice that. The construction of the Arvida Bridge is an important event in the history of civil engineering both in Quebec, Canada and internationally. Can we read on the Répertoire du patrimoine du Québec website.

An initiative by Lucie K. Morisset

The printing of the stamp bearing the aluminum bridge statue is the result of the steps taken by Lucy K. Morissette, Research Chair in Urban Heritage at the University of Quebec in Montreal (UQAM). She has been interested in Arveda and its idiosyncrasies for years, and has made recognition of the company’s former township founded by industrialist Arthur Vining Davis by UNESCO the flagship project of her career.

At his invitation, many prominent stars in the field of architecture and urban heritage have visited the city, which was built in 135 days in recent years. Everyone realized that the urban planning model deployed during the creation of Arvida, which is considered ideal, was unique. The city is built around a Canadian aluminum company plant and its employees. The goal was for people to live happily there.

Karl Dufour touched

District Council 5 Carl Dufour traveled to Montreal to formally receive the commemorative stamp.

We’re talking about the final stamp that Canada Post will bestow with a heritage site or place of interest throughout Canada. So the last dummy and we chose the aluminum bridge, so I’m really proud that I was in Montreal to receive this stamp.He said during an interview Thursday evening.

During the ceremony, the elected official recalled all the efforts that had been made over the years in order to have Arvida recognized on a global scale.

It’s no secret that we have been protecting and recognizing Arvida’s heritage for over 30 years. My presence here represents another step towards that protection and this recognition that the citizens of Arveda have fought for for so many years. begged.

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