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Gravelbourg Mustard goes into the hands of Fransaskois entrepreneurs

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After being put up for sale in May by former owner Val Michaud, the agri-food company Gravelbourg Mustard needed just three months to find buyers. It is Francisco Paul Lyust and Matthew Serro who get their hands on the precious sesame.

‘I’ve always wanted to own a business and thanks to my Gravelbourg roots and skills, I thought this was a sign to buy it!’ says Paul Léost, who spent the first 25 years of his life in the village and graduated from Collège Mathieu.

His partner, who is also a graduate of the Foundation Françasco, admits that he always had a weakness for Gravelbourg mustard.

From left to right: Mathieu Sirois, Val Michaud and Paul Lust
credit: courtesy

“I’ve always loved it because of its unique qualities,” says Mathieu Sirois. It is a product that goes well with meat and salads. When I had the opportunity to partner with the purchase, I was so intrigued. Love at first sight with this mustard! »

Aspiring Entrepreneurs

Gourmands will be offered as there is no shortage of projects for the new owners.

Our near term plans are to meet the demand for gourmet mustard from buyers and distributors who have been waiting for the product for a long time. “We plan to have many of our recipes ready for sale by the end of October,” explains Paul Léost.


Gravelbourg Mustard was founded in 2008 and acquired in August 2022.
credit: courtesy

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His partner added: “We want to bring Gravelbourg mustard to consumers across Canada. There are interesting opportunities to promote our products and open markets in Quebec and France. »

However, there are some challenges faced by companies based in rural areas. “The supply chain does add certain costs, Paul Léost acknowledges, but those costs are worth it.”

“We are very proud that Gravelbourg mustard maintains its relationship with Gravelbourg and Saskatchewan,” adds the businessman who is also responsible for marketing and communications for the Saskatchewan Economic and Cooperation Council. However, these local products are well appreciated by urban chefs. »


Gravelbourg Mustard was founded in 2008 and acquired in August 2022.
credit: courtesy

In addition, Fellows promise to provide a bilingual service to their clients. During the first discussions with Mathieu [Sirois]We focused on ensuring that the company’s service was also provided in French. As Francophones, we find this closely related to our success. We want to continue providing services in French to francophones,” shares Paul Lyust.

The former owner, Val Michaud, recently retired, wishes buyers success: “I am very excited to see Paul [Léost] and Matthew [Sirois] Take control of Gravelbourg Mustard. They will do an incredible job of spreading the word about Saskatchewan mustard. I wish you good luck! »

Mustard in Saskatchewan

Produces 80% to 90% of Canadian mustard, Saskatchewan is considered a world reserve of this spice, and there are approximately 3,000 mustard seed producers in the province. However, the province’s drought in 2021 slowed mustard production this summer, dropping from an average of 160,000 hectares of mustard plants to about 120,000 hectares.

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Gravelbourg Mustard in some landmarks

The company was founded in 2008 by Val Michaud

In 2017, Val Michaud appeared on the entrepreneur’s show Dragons’ Den and accepted an offer of $100,000 for 45% of his company’s shares.

In May 2022, the company was put up for sale

In August 2022, the company was acquired by Paul Léost and Mathieu Sirois

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