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Covid: “20 deaths a day and we are not yet in the eighth wave”

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While the new Omicron-adapted vaccine is beginning to be licensed in many countries, microbiologist and infectious disease pathologist Cecile Tremblay reminds us that COVID-19 is not over yet and that we still need to protect ourselves from the virus.

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Dr Tremblay called on residents to get a booster dose, before the expected return of the virus in the fall, and a new wave.

“You should get your booster dose as soon as possible, within the recommended intervals, that is, if it has been more than five months since your last dose,” the specialist insists in an interview with Quebec Matin.

People who have had COVID also must wait five months before receiving a booster dose.

“It’s more important for the elderly, for people with co-morbidities and people who are immunocompromised – but they know that and they go get it. I say that because there are still about twenty deaths a day from COVID and we don’t talk about it at all. It’s like If it were not there, and we are not even in the eighth wave of the fall and know that we will have one wave, ”says the specialist.

She warns that the health system remains at risk of ending up in a “disastrous” situation.

“There are still 1,800 people in hospitals with Covid at the moment, and it’s already a huge burden on the health system,” he concludes.

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