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Assault on Capitol Hill: Trump ‘tried to prevent the peaceful transfer of power’, accuses Biden

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US President Joe Biden vowed today not to “let anyone put the knife under the throat of American democracy,” after his predecessor Donald Trump was accused of “attempting to prevent a peaceful transition of power” on Jan. 6. The Capitol Building.

The Democratic president asserted, “For the first time in history, a president not only lost an election, but tried to prevent a peaceful transfer of power.”

Speaking during an official speech in Congress, he was attacked exactly a year ago by supporters of Donald Trump who were trying to prevent certification of his victory in the presidential election.

He added that those who led the attack on Capitol Hill, where the US Congress is based, “were not a group of tourists, it was an armed insurgency.”

Condemning the alleged fraud, Joe Biden said, “The former US president created and spread a tapestry of lies around the 2020 election, he did so because he preferred power over principle,” noting that the former Republican president had “constructed his lies for months” before the election.

Both in the United States and abroad, “we are engaged in a struggle between democracy and authoritarianism,” in abusive rhetoric.

He continued, “I did not seek this battle,” but “I will not escape our hands,” before concluding with a promise: “I will not allow anyone to put the knife under the neck of American democracy.”

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Kamala Harris calls on Americans to “unite”

Vice President Kamala Harris called on Americans on Thursday to “unite” to “defend” democracy, a year after Donald Trump supporters attacked Capitol Hill on Jan. 6, 2021.

“The American spirit is being tested,” she said at a congressional event commemorating the bleak anniversary. “We must unite to defend our democracy.”

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