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At Carantec, Yann Rannou established as an eco-friendly rope pruner – Carantec

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Jan Rano is a specialist in upland work, and is also a lover of nature and trees in particular. After working for ten years as a pruner at the Penzé Climbing Ecological Garden, the 30-year-old founded the pruning and upland business, called Kordenn, a few months ago.

“We must minimize the impact on nature”

The work of rope access in buildings, justified pruning of trees, construction of tree-climbing courses … all of his interventions are carried out in an environmentally responsible approach. “In my work, there is necessarily an impact on nature that I try to minimize as much as possible. I always work with eco-friendly products. I use a biodegradable vegetable oil in my saw chain and make natural products myself, based on essential oils, to clean surfaces and facilitate algae removal,” This is acknowledged by the man who developed moral convictions very early on through his family education and his studies in agronomy and environmental science and technology.

Birdhouse installed for free

Originally from Sizun, this “very jungle and very sea” lover of surfing and diving found the perfect balance by settling in Carantec. On large construction sites, he works in collaboration with rope access technician Rémi Parrel, of Locquénolé, who shares the same ethical beliefs.

At every trim service, Yann Rannou gently installs a birdhouse. “Birdhouses are my trademark. Birds, fewer and fewer, find a nest to breed and protect the tree from parasites, caterpillars and caterpillars. It’s a double tool”, emphasizes the professional, always interested in finding the right balance between the client’s needs and ‘what’s good for the tree.’

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Corden, Jan Rano: tel. 07 83 02 27 16; Email: [email protected]; Site : www.kordenn-rannouyann.com

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