Athletes on the starting line

Less than a week before matches resumed, many young athletes who had begun to tire of training eagerly began to finally find competition.

“We’re totally overheated. We’ve been preparing for it since January,” said Plainville Baseball League Vice President Francis Drouin.

On Saturday, hundreds of young players turned out to pick up the Blainville Angels uniforms near baseball fields in Blainville Park for the season that may begin June 11.

More than 540 young people have registered with the association this year. This is unheard of.

The upward trend was observed about ten years ago, according to Mr. Drouin, who also believes that many young people have chosen baseball this summer, because it is a sport in which health measures can easily be respected.

« J’ai le goût d’avoir une belle saison avec mon équipe et de pouvoir profiter de l’été au maximum avec mes amis, a dit Charle-Émile Dostaler, 13 ans, qui pratiquait avec son équipe de catégorie Pee Wee afternoon. We needed to get outside, do something other than just be indoors, and just stay in our backyard with our family. “

“I can’t wait to put in some energy and be with people,” said Jacob Deem, 14. We stayed indoors all year round and it was time to relax. ”

A little later in Montreal

More than 150 teams have signed up for the Montreal Friendly Football League, which is dedicated to making football accessible to adults of all levels.

For the league’s president, Christian Leray, the return of matches scheduled for June 28 in the capital will allow many players, among other things, to find their social side there.

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“There are a lot of people whose club is like a gang of friends. There are also all those who absolutely want to move on and who are eager to rediscover their passion.”

But the league faces the challenge of not having a ground in Montreal when it could previously have accommodated 200 teams.

However, there are still so few places to score this year that many are frustrated at the thought that the sport won’t be dismantled enough this summer, explains Mr. Leray.

Even hockey in the summer

On the hockey side, players will be able to play games from June 28 if the alert level is green.

The Summer League of Wrestlers on the North Shore of Montreal is preparing to start a short season with about half the number of registered players.

He explained, “There are young people who participated in other sports because they were not sure that they could play hockey.”
David Brunet, league owner.

It was also difficult for the league to find ice watches for its operations, as many arenas monopolized other activities, including grafting.

Key dates for Sports

to count June 11

In the yellow zone (outside)

  • Sports activities, moderated or permitted, up to 25 people*
  • Organized games and tournaments are allowed, but competitions and tournaments are still prohibited
  • In Montreal and Laval, we will have to wait until we reach the yellow zone before we can play the games. Both cities are scheduled to move to the orange tier on June 7.

to count June 25

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  • Contests and tournaments are permitted and spectator attendance is available for all levels of preparedness

Starting June 28

(green area)

  • Outdoor sports and group lessons are allowed for a maximum of 50 people شخص
  • Sports activities and indoor group lessons are allowed with a maximum of 25 people
  • Games, matches, competitions and tournaments allowed indoors with a maximum of 25 spectators

Source: Ministry of Health (MSSS)

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