Avalanche favorite to win the Stanley Cup

With a four-game winning streak before the last duel of the season, scheduled for Thursday night, Colorado Avalanche was the favorite to win the Stanley Cup, according to various betting sites.

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Two points off the overall top of the National Hockey League (NHL) ranking, which is temporarily held by their Western Division opponent, the Vegas Golden Knights, the Avalanche could win the bookmaker six times, according to Miz.

However, Nevada FC is not far behind, with odds of 6.50. While participating in the Bateman Tour for season four, he is looking for a second appearance in the Grand Final after being knocked out in five matches by the Washington Capitals during his first campaign in 2018.

The Montreal Canadiens rivals in the first round, the Toronto Maple Leaves, followed them in the hierarchy, with a difference of 8.00. The Hab is far from behind. The bets registered in their favor will be multiplied by 30.

However, the Quebec formation is not in the last row: bookmakers have little confidence in the St. Louis Blues (31.00) and Nashville Predators (41.00).

Other interesting picks include Carolina Hurricanes and Tampa Bay Lightning who show the same possibilities as Maple Leafs. However, both teams play in the central division, and under the current format, only one of them will be able to reach the third round.

The odds of the other two Canadian teams, Edmonton Oilers and Winnipeg Jets, were set at 19.00 and 26.00, respectively.

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Mise-o-jeu will likely win the Stanley Cup

  • Colorado (Avalanche) 6,00
  • Vegas (The Golden Knights) 6,50
  • Caroline (Hurricanes) 8,00
  • Tampa Bay (Lightning) 8,00
  • Toronto (Maple Leaves) 8,00
  • Boston Bruins) 14,00
  • Pittsburgh (Penguins) 14,00
  • Washington (capitals) 14,00
  • Fluoride (cheetahs) 16,00
  • Edmonton (Oilers) 19,00
  • Minnesota (Wild) 23,00
  • New York (islanders) 26,00
  • Winnipeg (planes) 26,00
  • Montreal (Canadian) 30,00
  • St. Louis (the Blues) 31,00
  • Nashville (Predators) 41,00

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