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BachelorPrint is your go-to study buddy from enrolment to graduation

Planning your next step in your academic journey or already knee-deep in your studies? BachelorPrint has got your back from day one and is always on hand to offer useful tips and advice. As you move through to different stages of education, you’ll encounter a variety of hurdles to overcome. Turn to the BachelorPrint website to help you navigate through course requirements and academic work submission. 

What does BachelorPrint do?

Ultimately, they are there to assist you with your thesis submission and want to ensure your work is delivered to the highest possible standard. The best way to help you achieve success is to be by your side throughout your studies guiding you through the academic writing requirements. The study portal is always available for you to use – it is a hub packed full of support. With topics covering every aspect of thesis writing, all your questions are answered in one place.

BachelorPrint leads the way internationally when it comes to printing theses. Covering Germany, Austria and Switzerland, they always deliver outstanding expertise and customer service.

BachelorPrint Services

Providing first-class thesis printing and binding services for students who want the very best results.
. Research paper printing and binding
. Leather binding
. Softcover binding
. Thermal binding
. 24-hour express shipping is included for next-day delivery

Your 101 for academic writing

As you further your education, the rules and requirements change. When you first move onto the next level of study, there is so much to learn it can be overwhelming. Academic writing is a specialist subject on its own, but you must understand what is required when it comes to presenting your work to achieve the best marks. That’s where BachelorPrint can help – their study guides go through the process with you, providing helpful information and tips along the way.

These guides have lots of really useful advice, such as how to approach your research and how-to steady exam nerves. If you want help creating an online survey, you’ll find step-by-step instructions to get you started. You’ll discover a huge range of topics in the study hub, all carefully picked to help you reach your fullest potential. And of course, when it comes to your final thesis, the BachelorPrint portal provides lots of assistance to make sure your work shines.

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Free up some time by using BachelorPrint for transcriptions

Interviews are likely to be part of your research when studying. To include them in your final thesis, they must be written up word for word. If your interviews include lengthy discussions, it can be a timely process that is laborious work, but there is a solution. BachelorPrint provides transcription software that takes minutes to turn the spoken word into text. It makes the whole process easy and stress-free. Is this permitted? Yes, it is; a transcription service is totally above board. In fact, you can also use the service to transcribe song lyrics, radio talks and movie segments if they are to be included in your writing. Let BachelorPrint take some of the strain and complete your transcriptions in a professional and reliable manner.

Quality checking your thesis is essential; BachelorPrint can help!

Your final thesis is a big deal! You will have spent months working on the contents including in-depth research and testing any theories. All of that studying is put to the test when it comes to writing it up and presenting your results.

Now comes the quality checking. From proofreading to printing and binding, every detail should be meticulously taken care of so nothing is left to chance. Luckily BachelorPrint has processes in place to help with everything. It’s a valuable service to use at the end of your studies – you might be anxious, stressed and over-tired; a third-party assistant is worth its weight in gold. So for all your academic writing needs – whether it’s for a Bachelor, Master’s or PhD dissertation, thesis and research paper, let someone else take up the slack. BachelorPrint offers the following:

Invaluable proofreading services

Proofreading your thesis is absolutely essential. Grammatical errors, spelling mistakes and punctuation slip-ups create the wrong impression, it looks like you don’t pay attention to the details. Unclear sentences could mean that your argument is misunderstood, and an awkward flow can make your thesis hard to follow.

Checking and proofreading is a painstaking process and can take a considerable amount of time, yet it is imperative! It is also important to get a third party to read through your work, as inconsistencies are often spotted by another person. This is because when you are very close to something, you cannot always see the errors. Another opinion about the clarity of your writing is extremely useful.

By using the services online at BachelorPrint, your dissertation, paper, or thesis can be proofread by a professional. A careful and detailed assessment of tone, style and effectiveness is guaranteed along with grammar and punctuation checks. You can choose whether to opt for an editing service too – select what you feel is necessary to produce the best result before thesis printing and binding.

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Check for plagiarism

Plagiarism is, in a nutshell, intellectual property theft and it is not taken lightly by universities and colleges. Most education establishments use plagiarism checkers as a matter of course, so there’s no chance of passing off copied material as your own.

When you’ve been buried in research for months, it’s easy to forget whose work you’ve quoted along the way. Innocently omitting a reference to someone else’s work can spell disaster, as can unwittingly using words already chosen by another author. To avoid failing your degree, or worse, the answer is to use a plagiarism checker yourself before submitting your work.

Use the opportunity provided at BachelorPrint and have your thesis scanned before it is finalised. You will be drawn to wording that requires citations or that could be rewritten to avoid complications. Passages that are questionable and paragraphs that are near the mark will be highlighted for your attention. The software tool is fast and easy to use. Check the results and make changes to your writing as necessary. After all your hard work, it’s a process well worth taking.

What does the plagiarism checker at BachelorPrint do?
– It compares millions of public online texts
– It uses software used by universities
– It completes all checks in approximately 10 minutes
– It provides a PDF report with links to help you identify areas for attention

It is offered in all languages and is a top-quality, trusted resource.

Dissertation and thesis printing & binding

The time has finally arrived – after all those days of research, writing, checking and proofreading, your paper is complete. All that remains is the binding and printing. When it comes to this finishing touch, you have a few options to choose between. At BachelorPrint, you can decide to finish your thesis with leather binding, soft cover binding, thermal binding or spiral binding.

-Leather binding is the premium finish and comes with a choice of customised embossing.
-Thermal binding is smart and neat, with a transparent cover to protect your chosen title page.
-Soft cover binding is the classic choice with a range of colours for your individual taste.
-Spiral binding uses a metal or plastic spine with cardboard covers at the back and front.

Some course leaders will stipulate the type of binding or covers to use so make sure you understand the requirements before ordering your choice.

With BachelorPrint, you get benefits that go above and beyond what’s normally expected, such as:
Next-day delivery is included in the price
Custom embossing is free
Premium 100 g/m² paper used for all thesis printing
Online 3D preview
We are the experts when it comes to academic printing

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Guarantee the best results with BachelorPrint

When it comes to academic writing, thesis completion and dissertation presentation, BachelorPrint provides expertise! Their website can steer you through the various obstacles you are likely to encounter and offer support and encouragement as you work towards your final paper. Wherever you are along your journey, from your first blank page to your closing words, BachelorPrint is there for you. 

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