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How Do Movie Stars Stay In Such Great Shape?

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Jillian Castillo
Jillian Castillo
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Sure, going to the movie theatre to watch the latest action or superhero movie is fun, but it does tend to leave us with a burning feeling of envy.

Movie stars aren’t professional athletes. They’re not bodybuilders – unless they’re Arnold Schawrzzenger, of course – and there’s no way they can be regular gym-goers with their shooting schedules.

So how on earth do they stay in such great shape?

It’s almost unfair. How come they can keep those six packs so easily when we have to work to an inch of our lives to even get a one-pack?

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Well, we’ve done a bit of research, and we think we’ve stumbled across the answer: it’s not easy!

Look at it like this: for people trying to build muscles and their overall physical shape, there are straightforward ways to get it right – including regular exercise, weight lifting, and a healthy diet – as well as a lot of time to do it.

Of course, supplements and pharmaceuticals have been created to speed the process. It’s possible to buy steroids Canada companies have designed to boost muscle growth and bone strength. But by and large, it’s a steady process that takes place over a matter of months or years. For movie stars, this is a little different.

The Route For Movie Stars

Because of their schedule, they need to build their bodies in a constrained period of time, which means the studio that they work for needs to fund the process and make it as safe as possible.

To give an example, Rob McElhenney recently revealed his own plan to get into shape. This included lifting weights six days a week, getting a professional personal trainer, running three miles a day, sleeping nine hours a night, having a carefully curated diet created for him, and all through the funding of the movie studio in question.

To maintain this shape, it then becomes about tailoring the diet to suit the role, constantly counting calories, lifting weights, doing cardio, sleeping healthily, tracking macros, and getting support from a personal trainer, chef, and nutritionist.

In other words, to build their figure and then maintain it, movie stars are not doing it by themselves. It is a group effort, with a team of experts who ensure everything goes off without a hitch.

The Bottom Line

What we’re trying to say here is, yes, movie stars are amazing. Despite having the finances and team behind them, it takes a lot of effort to get into shape and then maintain it.

But they do have the finances and team behind them, and that’s because they need to achieve their results in a specific period of time, with their weight varying depending on the role.

For this reason, none of us should look at movie stars and feel self-conscious. If anything, we should be grateful that we have the space and time to get our bodies to the point that we want it to be.

Workout routines can be as gruelling or laid back as we want them to be because we’re not doing them for anyone else but ourselves. So the next time you watch a movie, make sure you get inspired by a movie star’s figure, not envious!

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