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Bad news: We can now hack you with a fake Google Doc

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Jillian Castillo
Jillian Castillo
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If you are accustomed to using Google Docs, and in the direction of eternal perfection, you immediately react to the slightest comment sent to you by e-mail, be careful. Because these suggestions being communicated to you can set a fatal trap for you. Anyway, that’s what it reveals A recent blog post from Avana, a company that provides messaging protection solutions.

More precisely, the crux of the problem lies in the “Comments” option in Google Docs and other Google tools (Google Slides for example). Back in December, Avanan noticed that hackers were creating Google Docs to flag people using their email addresses… and take out a malicious link:

“Hackers add a comment to a Google document. The comment mentions the target with an @ sign. Thus, an email is automatically sent to that person.”

The accuracy of the attack – which should prompt you to be extra careful – the email received by the targets is actually sent from Google. As for the hackers, their email address does not appear anywhere, only their name is mentioned there. A huge challenge that makes it difficult for you to filter spam in your inboxes.

Avanan specifies that Google was notified of this flaw on January 3. The company recommends that all Google Suite users verify the identity of comment authors before clicking on a link in an email. Moreover, hovering the link with the mouse allows you to reveal the domain name it directs you to and detect the slightest deception, As we learned from Mattis Hummel, Director of Cyber ​​Security. And of course, the misspelling should put you in trouble.

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