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Cole Hanson
Cole Hanson
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After the muscular, tattooed, tanned man had recently completed his hibernation, he let his den lash out onto Oka Beach.

Once they thought they’d heard the prime minister’s “Go”, those beach party enthusiasts were quick to open their decorating celebrations.

Why wait until May 28th?

Just a few days later, what difference could that make?

It’s July in May, it’s hot, so we feel the heat at the water’s edge.

Incidentally, the party is not only captured at beaches, but parks and other public places as well.

The mask and the physical spacing? Don’t talk to us about it, we’re out.

“Progressive” deconstruction

We have a problem with the word progressive. If Mr. Legault and his followers decide to go ahead with the dismantling process in stages, that means avoiding rushing all over and all at the same time like crazy dogs.

The epidemic is not over yet

The variables did not disappear as if they were by magic. The entire planet is not immune and we do not live under a dome.

Notice, we’re not worse than the rest.

In France, this week the police had to step in to clear the stands.

People no longer set off, ignoring the curfew imposed on them.

A 4e mysterious? no thanks

Here as in Europe, in the decommissioning plan, the leaders trust in the intelligence and common sense of the population.

If it is interesting to the citizens, then it is nonetheless naive on their part.

In the face of power, we all tend to do our own things.

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Our behavior will be decisive in the coming weeks.

Our kind will and patience will be tested, too. We’re all more than tired, so who wants to get back to square one?

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