Beaucerons “disgusted by Beauce’s bashing”

The whole story began with Minister Duby’s visit on April 17th.Claude Morin, mayor of Saint George, thinks.

While in Beauceville, Christian Dube encouraged Al Beaucerons to respect sanitary instructions, vaccination and testing.

Smirking, the minister also suggested that the Al Beaucerons had them A little hard to headHe explained, according to him, the sudden rise in the number of cases observed in the region.

Since then, we’ve been making Beauce Bashing non stop. Whenever there is an issue, it is always a boss.

Quote from:Claude Morin, Mayor of Saint George

Claude Morin says to himself Really very disappointed His region is now connected to the demonstration against health measures that gathered 30,000 people in Montreal last Saturday.

The CISSS de Chaudière-Appalaches were forced to issue a call to check the attention of 48 people who had traveled to the demonstration by two buses.

Was an unwelcome passenger on the plane: COVID-19.

The caravan organizers are the Beaucerons. They have difficulty cooperating with public health.

I would like to know them, me, people. I’d like them to come out in public, if they were actually Beauce. Where did they come from? Maureen Mayor asks. Boss attacked As a whole. We are all guilty and sick.

Even St. George’s transport company, Autobus Breton, has refused even to take protesters to Quebec to join convoys to Montreal, the mayor insists.

Vaccination, as is common elsewhere.

Some reports indicate that Beaucerons are less careful, if not completely skeptical, about vaccination.

Nevertheless, data from CISSS Chaudière-Appalaches shows that Beauce performed well in the region.

Vaccination coverage (one dose of vaccine) for the entire Chaudière-Appalaches region, Saturday 8 May, 41.1%, Indicates CISSS in an email sent to Radio-Canada. As for the three Migrant Resource Centers in Pius, citizens of these sectors are responding just as much to the call for vaccination as anywhere else in the region.

In Beauce-Sartigan and the Robert-Cliche RCMs, 42% of the eligible population received the first dose and targeted vaccination coverage was exceeded by 75% among people 60 years of age and over.

Vaccination rates for Beauce-Sartigan as of May 8, 2021.

Vaccination rates for Beauce-Sartigan as of May 8, 2021.

Photo: Radio Canada / Philip Ghani

More than 60% of people in their 50s are vaccinated in these two regions.

I invite you to come to Saint-Georges, you will see that our vaccination center is fully operationalMayor Claude Morin fired. That’s over 1,000 a day! We don’t hear that people are against vaccination, or very little of them.

In Nouvelle-Beauce the vaccination rate is lower, at 36%. However, CISSS recognizes that vaccines are more difficult to access in this region.

This is why we are working to move our nearby small vaccination site in Sainte-Marie CLSC to the mass vaccination site at the Caztel Center in Sainte-Marie, during the week of May 17., CISSS defines by email.

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