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Conservative Bernard Genro won, on Monday evening, a fourth president, third in a row, from the voters of Montmagne – Leslet – Camorasca – Rivière de Loup by an overwhelming majority while receiving 50.7% of the vote. If starting the count could have led him to believe in a three-way race, the delusion only lasted a few minutes, because once the fifth ballot box was opened, he was alone in the lead.

Mr. Genero, who followed the polling procedure in La Bucatérie, was emotional when addressing his team and the voters. “I think the people tonight thanked the work we did. I am very happy and grateful to the people who decided to re-elect me for the fourth time,” said Bernard Genero.

The latter also wanted to thank his team. “The strength of the deputy is the strength of his team,” said the lucky one. We can’t do it alone, this job is impossible. It’s the combination of this team that makes the strength and resilience we have.”

The deputy quickly targeted the lack of manpower in the area, a situation affecting the entire province, as the main issue that would draw his attention. We must tackle this problem, all parties together, whatever the government is.”

So it was an almost perfect evening for Bernard Genro who saw his party, once again, slip away from a national victory. “I wouldn’t say the message isn’t getting through. Perhaps the aides that Mr. Trudeau put on the table affected him a lot. He obviously took a lot of money, there wasn’t as much money in the economy as there is now. I wouldn’t say he bought the election, but sure. That people have thought a lot about it in order to vote,” the deputy wondered.

Mr. Genro promised to follow the minority government of Justin Trudeau in order to defend, he said, his party’s policies that “have been very well received everywhere in the territory here and in Quebec”. The latter agrees that he and his colleagues will have to analyze the result of the vote in order to improve the results obtained by the CPC in Quebec and Ontario if they wish to have a majority mandate.

The re-elected member of Montmagny-L’Islet-Kamouraska-Riviere-du-Loup, who claims to have knocked nearly 3,000 doors during the campaign, ensures that in the upcoming elections the Conservative Party of Canada will be the real choice for Canadians.


On Tuesday morning, when votes were not counted by mail, the outgoing MP received 23,621 votes, 11,438 more than the Quebecoa Simon Birobi bloc supported by 12,183 voters. Liberal Francois Lapointe, who confirmed running in the upcoming elections, received 8,072 votes. New Democrat Sean English is represented by 1,562 votes, Nancy Rochon is represented by the Free Canada Party with 910 votes, and the Rhino Party is represented by 269 votes in the rear.

In Canada, the Liberal Party of Canada leads in 158 grabs against 119 for the Conservative Party of Canada, 25 for the New Democratic Party, 34 for the Quebecou bloc, and 2 for the Green Party.

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