Immaculate Heart School will open its doors on Wednesday

The extra weekend and two days of closure allowed the school to slow transmissions, explains Donald Landry, general secretary and director of communications at the scolaire de la region de Sherbrooke Service Center. This break also gave students and staff time to take exams.

In all analyzes of the situation, public health officials have recommended that the school be opened to the majority of groups.

Quote from:Donald Landry, General Secretary and Director of Communications at the Sherbrooke District School Service Center

Landry says eight of the 34 groups will have to continue their isolation. In terms of cases, there are 42 positive cases out of 704 students. For other groups, we are able to open the school and offer our services.

Strengthening health measures

Until the situation is fully under control, enhanced health measures should be observed at Immaculate Heart School, Donald Landry points out.

We advise going back to some of the procedures that were in effect last year, such as eating in class instead of going to the cafeteria. We also talk, as much as possible, about avoiding sharing places., commented.

It will also be necessary to wear a mask to get to and from the bus, even if this is already required on the bus, he adds.

These additional measures are expected to last two weeks.

École du Cœur-Immaculé is the first school in Estrie to have to close due to the outbreak since the start of the school year.

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