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In the wake of the victory of the liberal minority, Mario Dumont gave his opinion on the performance of the five leaders and their party. Justin Trudeau has achieved 90% of his goal and is still prime minister, which is a disaster for Erin O’Toole, he judges.

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But our political commentator has a special mention of Maxime Bernier, who was not elected in his constituency like all his candidates across the country. He gives him an entertainment award for his speech.

“Hearing him speak, I got the impression that he finished two places behind the Liberals. He talked about a historic election, that Canada can’t go back, that everything has changed, and that this is the real official opposition. Wait a minute, man!” Mario Dumont says with a laugh. : “There are four parties with 30 or more seats.”

Listen Dutrizac-Dumont meeting On QUB Radio:

“Please understand me, I do not despise voting [pour Maxime Bernier]. I’d rather see people speak out democratically against health measures than see them protest. I respect what Mr. Bernier does as an approach, it’s the generous explanation of 5%”, which makes Mario Dumont laugh and giggle.

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