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Best clothes to customize for the cold season

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When the temperature drops, you might start looking for heavier and cozier clothing. You will want to try flannel, cotton, wool, leather, fur, faux fur, hemp, and other popular materials. Instead of buying the more common looks for this winter, consider customizing your own autumn or winter-style clothing. You can recreate new looks and come up with designs no one has seen before.

Bomber Jacket

Bomber jackets are great for crisp weather and often come with additional lining to keep you warm throughout the coldest days of winter. These jackets can come with fleece, fur, or faux fur linings that help trap heat and block the chilling wind. You can customize your bomber jacket by uploading an all-over pattern design that can be printed directly onto the jacket. If you don’t want to design a pattern, you can also just choose a standard color. Another option is to pick a specific color and upload it as your design.

Pom-Pom Beanie

Pom-pom beanies are thick and warm, keeping your head snug and cozy against the weather. They have a thick soft rim and a fuzzy pom-pom on the top of the beanie, making them both fun and functional. You can choose multiple colors for your pom-pom beanie. For example, the folded cuff can be made with an alternate color to contrast against the main body of the hat. The pom-pom can have two colors that match the hat, making it colorful and stylish.

Fleece Hoodie

Consider a thick and high-quality hoodie that is lined with soft and comfortable fleece for extra warmth. You can print any pattern you design on your fleece hoodie to give it a unique look. Other options are to pick a color already provided. The pattern can cover the entire hoodie or just a small design on the front. Custom hoodies are a great way to spice up your closet.


Sweatshirts are wonderful for casual hangouts and for relaxing at home. You can design tie-dye sweatshirts that match your favorite sneakers. If it is extra cold and you want to layer up, solid-colored sweatshirts work great with an extra jacket or hoodie over them. They are a lot thicker than a normal t-shirt and help block the wind from chilling you.

Hoodie Dress

For ladies who love dresses but want to stay warm in the cooler months, you can design a hoodie dress. The dress can be paired with joggers or leggings to help keep you warm. You can design a print to cover the entire dress or simply go with a design someone else created. Hoodie dresses also come in standard colors that you can pair with other customized clothing.


Keep your feet fashionably warm with cute designs. You can print socks that have funny quotes or your favorite cartoon character. Socks are great not only for boots but also for wearing around the house to protect your feet and ankles from cold surfaces. Printing socks is simple and easy with a design template.

Great Ways to Customize Your Clothes for the Cold Season

You can create a whole new winter wardrobe with customized clothing that makes your look unique. If you are missing anything from your winter look, you can simply create it from scratch and have it shipped to you within a few days.

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