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Cole Hanson
Cole Hanson
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Throughout the election campaign, as well as on the many occasions since then, Joe Biden has repeatedly reiterated that he will reach out to his rivals and that he wants to be a united president. If the polls point in the direction of positive results among voters, his Republican opponents do not appear to be intrigued by this prospect.

After years of division and aggressive rhetoric from a president who never sought to speak on behalf of all of his fellow citizens, it was clear that Joe Biden would present himself as a patriot open to negotiation and compromise. A lofty goal and reassuring tone that quickly met constant opposition.

46H The president breached his commitment to sign an ambitious recovery plan on Thursday? I do not think so. As a pragmatic politician, he agreed from the start to lower the minimum wage increase to $ 15, although this privilege earned him the ire of his most advanced party.

Joe Biden did not stick to his goal of supporting more Americans who could reach $ 1,400. He agreed to reduce the number to speed up the process. If he does so first to secure the support of more conservative Democratic senators from taxes, he also hopes to win over the Republicans eager to help their constituents.

The new president may promise the sea and the world in matters of national unity, for negotiation and discussion, you need an interlocutor. Republicans never gave serious responses to the White House proposals, and contented themselves with less serious responses. Despite the polls in favor of Joe Biden and the stimulus plan, it is blessed with opposition or systemic hurdles. No representative or Republican senator supported the stimulus plan … Nothing.

Joe Biden will soon carry his arms with a large number of files, including the immigration file and the southern borders, but in the meantime, he is scoring valuable points. Not only does it provide real support to its citizens and businesses, but the vaccination campaign is progressing at a faster rate than expected.

I admit that I do not fully understand the current strategy of the Republicans. Whether in the 2022 mid-term elections or the 2024 presidential election, voters risk tying the end of the crisis to the Democrats and the current administration. While it is true that we can remember the astronomical costs of the sums invested, we cannot take any part of the merit.

Since taking office, President Biden has never supported the demise of the celebrity DisabledThis Senate measure permits the opposition to systematically obstruct. He did so because he knows so well that her support will tarnish her uniform lacquer, but also because abandoning this rule may haunt the Democrats when they finally become the minority again.

Despite his uniform words and respect for parliamentary tradition, Biden may be forced to reconsider his stance on Disabled If he really wants his promises to come true. The political polarization has reached the point that those around him may actually be considering this option. One should then be relentlessly courting a moderate democratic senator like Joe Mansheen, who is an extremely conservative country. For now, he is the only bulwark between Republicans and the Democratic majority on this issue.

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