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Sue Montgomery Officially Launches New Party

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The new party was baptized Courage – Sue Montgomery’s team, It was officially launched on Thursday. Through a press release, the mayor of Côte-des-Neiges – Notre-Dame-de-Grâce has again made a commitment, as it had already done in October, to run for a second term.

Ms. Montgomery was elected under the banner of Projet Montréal in 2017, was excluded from the party rally in January 2020 and filed a lawsuit in court after refusing to fire her chief of staff, Annalisa Harris, who had been targeted by allegations of psychological harassment.

It has since sat as an independent at the head of the capital’s most populous district.

His new party will field candidates in each of the five provinces of Côte de Neige – Notre-Dame de Grash, and the statement sent to the media can be read on Thursday.

Her boss special desires to complete Multiplicity [de] Projects, Like The iconic Empress Theater transformed And the development of a Carbon neutral zone on the site of the old racetrack.

Tips on reconfiguring

Ms. Montgomery is a former journalist for the daily Newspaper. She is also a survivor of sexual assault, Known for his contribution to the launch of the hashtag # AggressionNonDenounce on Twitter, was summoned in the press release.

Besides the formation of Mrs. Montgomery, the new formation did not announce any other nominations for the November 2021 elections.

Côte de Neige District Council – Notre Dame de Grace is one of the most fragmented councils in Montreal.

There are three independents (Sue Montgomery, Marvin Rotran and Christian Arsenault, who recently turned his back on Plant Management), two members of Progate Montreal (Magda Poppiano and Peter McQueen) as well as Montreal squad leader, Lionel Perez.

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The latter has also started thinking about a goal of running for the mayor of Cote de Neige-Notre-Dame de Grace this fall.

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