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BIG STAT START STARNING SURPRISE: The back-to-school schedule has been turned upside down

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output from STAT It was a big surprise for us in the first week of the daily news.

In fact, instead of starting with four 30-minute episodes, we’ll have four one-hour episodes, in the week of September 12.

This is an ad that risks confusing the competition, but also changes the schedule for ICI Télé’s fall television season.

Thus, the episodes of the first season of the shows Discussions with my fatherAnd the invoiceAnd the grocery store And the infoman to the following week, to make room for these enhanced episodes of STATFrom 7 pm to 8 pm.

The following week, the week of September 19, 30-minute episodes will return.

STAT He shares the daily lives of the staff of St-Vincent Hospital in Montreal. We discover four long-time friends who hold very different positions: Emmanuel Saint-Cyr (Suzanne Clément), chief emergency physician, Philippe Dupre (Patrick Labé), psychiatrist, Isabel Granger (Genevieve Schmidt), general surgeon and intensive care specialist, and Eric Perron (Stefan Rousseau, the benefactor’s attendant. They rub shoulders in and out of the hospital around a well-watered dinner. The group of friends is still reeling from the passing of François (Daniel Barnet), Emmanuel’s lover and Philip’s friend, who died a year earlier under mysterious circumstances.

We will have the opportunity to share our impressions of the first episodes with you very soon.

Watch the trailer for the series here.

We note that STAT conspiracy will happen after covid, details about it here.

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