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Biggest Mathematical Breakthroughs of 2022 That Helped Humanity

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Mathematics is a subject that is often taken for granted. People do not realize its far-reaching effect. Hearing about medical, chemical, or engineering breakthroughs gives us a far greater sense of accomplishment. Compared to that of mathematical discovery.

People forget that the computers they use, the phone in their hands, and the car that they drive, all are indirect outcomes of mathematics. Mathematics is the structure, that holds all other sciences in place.

This article will showcase, some of the breakthroughs of 2022, in the field of mathematics. And how they can shape humanity for the better.

Mathematical Breakthroughs Beneficial to Mankind

The advances in the field of mathematics, are not limited to this field only. They can affect other areas and departments. One of the major filed that is heavily reliant on mathematics, is computer science. It is also hugely impacted by new formulas.

Let’s take a look at some of the breakthroughs that have impacted the realm of mankind in recent times.

1. Unlocking the AI Black Box: AI or artificial intelligence is highly related to data science and machine learning. Which in turn is reliant on math and statistics. The basic principle was when provided with an input, and an algorithm, the computer can figure out the solution on its’ own. The major setback was; that people didn’t know how the computer got the result. By unlocking the black box of a neural network, scientists can better understand the inner workings of a kernel network. Thus improving its’ performance. AI is linked to almost everything these days. From speech recognition to Spotify suggestions. Development in this field may lead us to a newer dimension of AI and automated life.

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2. Understanding Infinity Better: Remarkable thing about infinity is that they come in different sizes. Cantor’s continuum said that N0, a set of all-natural numbers, was smaller than N1, a set of all real numbers. However, scientists have recently come to the closure, that Cantor was a bit off. There indeed is another set of infinity, situated between these two. Understanding the nature of infinity better can lead to further development in the technological field.

3. Simplified Model for Quantum Gravity: In another recent study, the demonstration of how gravity emerges was made possible. It emerged from a special quantum mechanical system in a simplified model. It was made specifically for quantum gravity called the ‘holographic principle’, which was recently published in the journal Nature Communications. This could open up our understanding of the nature of space. Not to mention open further possibilities for space exploration.

These are only a few of the mathematical wonders that we have seen within a year. And not every mathematical breakthrough has a direct visible impact. Some are passive actors in the grand scheme of things. But this gives us an idea of how mathematics can affect the course of humanity.

How to Solve Student Problems with Mathematics?

It has been portrayed in media many times that students have an innate fear of mathematics. The reality isn’t very far off either. From time to time we often see students struggle to grasp the principles of mathematics. This oftentimes hampers their studies greatly. Not to mention it affects them in their job field as well.

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Mathematics is one of the core principles of knowledge. If students fear it from the beginning, it will cause massive problems with their logical development in the future. There are two key aspects of doing good in mathematics. One is a proper mindset, and the other is a good approach. If students require college algebra help, there are plenty of sources online. Mathematics is a core requirement to excel in all other fields of science. Hence, from a young age, students have to assign proper attention to it.

Here are some of the steps which could help students deal with mathematics.

1.  Proper Mindset: Math is hard, yes. But that doesn’t mean it is impossible to get good at math. With proper practice, anyone can excel in this.

2. Appropriate Approach: Math has to be approached properly. It is not only enough to solve a problem. But one has to understand and grasp the entire procedure.

3. Following Proper Strategy: Each problem has an optimal approach to it. A student must learn the proper methodology and apply it when needed.

4. Practice: It is essential to properly practice. Practice makes perfect. By practicing the same types of problems over and over, it is possible to become familiar with the process.


Mathematics is often overshadowed by other branches of science. But scientists and researchers know how crucial it is. Mathematics is the skeletal structure that supports all other fields of science. Breakthroughs in mathematics are crucial for the development of mankind.

Hence it is highly advised for students to put more emphasis on mathematics. And not see it as an obstacle. But a tool to further their development in the various realms of science.

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