Billie Jean King Cup: Laila Annie Fernandez pushes Canada

Quebec tennis player Laila Annie Fernandez again gave her a win on Saturday in Kraljevo to allow Canada to win the play-off match against Serbia in the Billie Jean King Cup, formerly known as the Confederation Cup.

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By defeating Serbia’s Nina Stojanovic by three sets of 3-6, 6-3, 6-4, Fernandez gave Canada an unbeatable lead (3-0).

Quebec 18-year-old marks 72e World Center, defeated Olga Danilovich, 162eFriday, like raising a curtain. Soon after, British Colombian Rebecca Marino, 230e In the world, he won the singles match against Stojanovic, 87e.

Fernandez needed six game points on Saturday to end the wrangling against Stojanovic.

“I am really proud that I managed to overcome my tension,” said Fernandez, whose words were quoted by the Canadian Tennis Club.

“I knew it wasn’t going to be easy. The way I played in the first set and throughout the match proved how amazing it was. Today. [samedi]I tried to fight everything, the Serbian team, my feelings, and I am very happy that I managed to get out of it in the third set, especially after many game points were missed. “

The cherry on the dessert

In the last match of these qualifiers, which were held indoors on solid ground, Marino and Untarian defeated Karol Gao Ivana Jurovic and Alexandra Kroni 6-7 (4), 6-3, 10-0.

“I am very happy to have finished the match with a doubles victory,” said Marino. It was really fun to play with Carol, and she had a lot of fun. Getting the cake was icing on the cake. “

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Canadian national team captain Heidi El Tabakh was happy about her role but insisted that the final result did not represent the strong opposition she received.

“Despite the score 4-0, it was much tougher than that,” said the cook. We were leading 2-0 after two big games yesterday [vendredi], And today [samedi]It was a duel of a deciding night. In my opinion, it could have turned over to one side or the other, so it was a battle to the end. “

Consequently, this victory over Serbia allows the Canadians to participate in the 2022 Billie Jean King qualifiers.

Full confidence

QMI Agency

A month after winning her first WTA Championship, Leila Annie Fernandez defeated herself again this weekend in a play-off match in Canada’s Billie Jean Cup against Serbia.

Her singles victories over Nina Stojanovic and Olga Danilovic not only secure Canada a place in the 2022 World Cup Qualifiers, but it will certainly give her a lot of confidence for the rest of the season, the main interested party thinks.

“I stayed positive when I was advancing with a set,” the 18-year-old Quebec player explained after her decisive victory over Stojanovic on Saturday in three sets of 3-6 6-3 6-4.

“I was trying to think about the present moment, not the future or the past. It was a struggle today [samedi]This game will give me a lot of momentum for this season. It is a huge confidence boost. I didn’t have an easy start to the season, but I kept working and improving, “continued Fernandez, whose comments were published on the official competition website.

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Before winning his first ring title in March, in Monterey, it was 72e The racket of the world had not yet passed the second round of the tournaments in which he participated since the beginning of 2021.

Havoc is coming?

Although Fernandez didn’t have the start of the season she was hoping for, Canadian captain Heidi El-Tabakh isn’t worried about her at all.

“It’s going to be havoc in the ring because it’s really hard to beat her. The cook said I’m very proud of her, we’re lucky to have her. She handled the pressure really well this weekend. She’s still very young, but the way she behaves on the pitch is pretty cool.” “.

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