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Nine months after announcing the creation of a professional basketball team in Montreal, today the new formation of the Canadian Basketball Elite League was born.

New Montreal vice president and chief operating officer Annie Laroche revealed the identity of the club on Wednesday afternoon. Finally, its name, logo, colors and marketing will be known.

However, do not think that it will present the general manager and head coach at the same time. It is still too early. For the orange balloon lovers, be patient. The first match is scheduled for next May.

Over the past few months, Thrones has defined the club’s image. In an interview with NewspaperYesterday, I gave several short but warm responses to avoid escaping costly information by talking too much. She wanted to keep the surprise.

“We picked a suggested name three times in our poll. It was important to pick a representative from our region. She said we had a great sense of belonging, and we should be represented. In our discussions, as soon as the name came up, there was a moment of silence. League Commissioner Mike Moriale immediately agreed. .”

logical choice

It’s no secret that this new professional club in Montreal is housed in the Verdun Auditorium, which was recently renovated at a cost of $44 million. When choosing a home, La Roche had only a few options in the greater metropolitan area.

“We had an auditorium, the Pierre Charbonneau Centre, Maurice Richards Square and Belle Square,” she was soon included in the list. According to our first criterion, we were looking for a venue that seats 3,000 to 5,000 spectators. And we wanted to play in Montreal. Place Bell in Laval was very large. It was difficult to fill, which would have undermined the atmosphere. “

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She continued, “Verdun Hall was an ideal venue due to its attractiveness, spaciousness and accessibility.”

The Vice President has faced tremendous challenges since the winter to put together the new team. I have learned from the mistakes of other Montreal clubs, such as the new image of CF Montreal.

But while six other basketball clubs have tried to establish themselves in the past, they don’t claim to be arriving by dictating their law. Ms. LaRoche hopes to meet each of the following challenges she faces in living with her environment. Indeed, the cooperation is well established.

“The basketball community is huge in Montreal and Quebec. I’ve felt it since my arrival in the mail. People called me and listened. We also see all the excitement of having Quebecers in the NBA. So I would say bonding with the community is the easy part.”

Ten matches at home

By forming a winning team with a local identity through the presence of Quebec players, he will be able to perform well in the Montreal sports ecosystem.

The Verdun region will learn to rock the rhythm of basketball during the season, from May to August. The team will play 10 matches in the hall. These will take the appearance of unique events.

“Basketball is targeting completely different clients, which is an advantage in itself. We are not worried. I think fans will come into the hall to entertain and stay in the game.”

This is only the beginning of a new adventure.

important topics

The General Director of the Basketball Association of Quebec, Daniel Grimard, positively sees the arrival of a professional club in Montreal. But at the same time he remembers the challenges he will have to face.

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It is undeniable that basketball is in a full-fledged growth phase both in the county and across the country. However, any new team faces its share of risks.

According to Grimard, her success will be complete if she can establish herself well in her community, if she attracts the attention of both supporters and the media and if she fills the stands.

“When the team plays at home in a period when the sports news is quieter in Montreal, we must hear about it,” he insisted. If the product on the field is good and people see the excitement, they will go to the team. “

youth show

In his opinion, this new team to play in the Canadian Elite Basketball League (LCEB) has what it takes to compete with CF Montreal and the Alouettes on the Montreal sports scene.

He is willing to do anything to contribute to success, whether it is through promotion, communication or sharing of knowledge in the community. He has already worked with Vice President Annie LaRouche.

“It’s a great showcase for our sport. Every time there have been big basketball events in Montreal, we’ve seen the enthusiasm. So everything is achievable.”

Creating a professional team in Quebec will also allow the youngest of them to dream of reaching a professional league one day.

The LCEB model is unique. It is an entirely Canadian product, eight of the nine teams being owned by one shareholder.

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