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Full vaccination reduces the risk of long-term infection with the Covid virus (study)

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Maria Gill
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Vaccination against antioxidants cuts the risk of developing “long-Covid” in half. This has been proven by a new British study published in the journal Lancet Infectious Diseases.

According to this study, people infected after a full vaccination are 47% less likely to show symptoms of COVID-19 within 28 days after infection. “Vaccinations significantly reduce the chances of people contracting COVID-19 in two ways. First, by reducing the risk of symptoms by eight to tenfold, and then halving the chances of the infection turning into a long-term virus, if that happens,” said study lead author Professor Tim. Spector from King’s College London.

“Regardless of the duration of the symptoms, we find that the infection after the two vaccinations is also milder, so the vaccines really change the disease and for the better. We encourage people to get their second vaccine as soon as possible.” , He said. Explained in an article published on Sky News.

The study also showed that with Covid-19 infection, people who were vaccinated twice were 73% less likely to be hospitalized and 31% less likely to have severe symptoms.

The study, which uses data from ZOE COVID, an app to track symptoms of people with Covid-19 reported in the UK, revealed that fever, persistent cough, loss of smell and fatigue were the most frequently reported persistent symptoms of participants. Similar to those observed in unvaccinated subjects, these symptoms were all milder in fully vaccinated subjects.

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