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Blagnac. Médialudo: Comments on the site

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Jillian Castillo
Jillian Castillo
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Sunbeam has just broken through the current gray of gaming fans: Médialudo has restored on-site playability since February 3. On the other hand, it will be necessary to follow some rules: advance reservation for a 45-minute period by phone at 05 61 71 75 30 or directly at the site and comply with applicable sanitary rules (access is restricted by a scale, wearing a muzzle and washing hands at the entrance and then regularly physical distancing ). A table will be assigned to players (4 maximum) in a designated room. They will have all the board games available on the shelves and collect games from a selection offered by the library managers. In video games, Mario Kart 8 will only be available on a Nintendo Switch console (2 players maximum). Since the toddler play area remains closed, on-site play is only available from the age of 6. “Thanks for arriving on time for the meeting, the Médialudo team determines. Any delay will reduce the playing time. If we are early, we will have to wait outside or return to the club at the time of booking. As the available slots are limited, we ask that the reservation be respected or notified in case there is an obstacle.” . This service is open from Tuesday to Friday.

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