Orange Zone: Ignored from reopening, spa owners unhappy

The association québécoise des spas announced its displeasure with the Legault government’s decision not to include its institutions in the partial reopening plan affecting the Orange Regions.

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In a press release released on Monday, the association noted that when the rules governing opening businesses were established according to color zones in the fall, spas were entitled to maintain their activities.

Knowing that health resorts are facilities for well-being and health, visited mainly by unmarried people and couples; that users mainly seek to isolate themselves from each other and communicate a little with each other; that the temperature and relative humidity conditions present in the health resorts contribute to the disruption of the virus “The health institutions don’t understand the decision,” the association argued.

This organization also asserts that spa owners have taken a variety of measures to respect sanitary rules promulgated by public health.

The organization has 57 members spread over 15 regions in Quebec.

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