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Bleeding gums, which could be due to a lack of vitamin C.

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A new study has just demonstrated the link between bleeding gums and vitamin C deficiency.

After brushing your teeth, it is common to bleed The gums. If this discomfort occurs regularly, it may be either a sign of gum disease such as gingivitis or periodontitis. According to a recent study, this event may also be due to a vitamin C deficiency.

Gum bleeding was studied by meta-analysis

Bleeding gums is very common during Cleaning teeth. However, this phenomenon, if it recurs, could be a sign of gum sensitivity or disease. Request an appointment with a doctor to check on the situation, as researchers have noted that vitamin D deficiency can also be a cause of bleeding gums.

Posted on 1is being February in review Nutrition Reviews, This new study is the result of a meta-analysis of 15 clinical trials conducted in six different countries. Thus, the researchers analyzed data related to bleeding gums trends in 1,140 participants. In addition, the report takes into account information from 8,210 US residents from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s Health and Nutrition Examination Survey.

Vitamin C deficiency can explain bleeding gums

Through the results of this study, researchers found that bleeding gums is linked to lower levels of vitamin C in the body. Thus this phenomenon was reduced or even stopped thanks to an increased daily intake of vitamin C.

Professor Hogwell, lead author of the study, dentist and professor of oral health sciences at the University of Washington College of Dentistry, says: “There was a time when bleeding gums was generally considered a possible sign of vitamin C deficiency but over time, this idea was either overlooked or marginalized. Through this overemphasis on treating the symptoms of bleeding with a brush or thread, rather than treating the bleeding, the cause. If you suffer from bleeding gums, a man recommends introducing more foods rich in vitamin C into his diet through fruits, vegetables or supplements.

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