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Bleeding of Science & Vie Journalists continues

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Nothing will help. Neither patience, nor a strike, nor a motion to withhold confidence, nor a call to the Ministry of Culture will be able to prevent the annihilation of the editorial board of a magazine. Science and competition. The two deputy editors, head of the department, editor of special issues, chief editorial secretary, as well as four editors, including three independents, made the decision to leave. Science and competition, Owned by Reworld Media since August 2019 ยปThe nine journalists announced their departure in a press release, Tuesday, March 30th.

Only the writing journalist, who was promoted to deputy editor-in-chief, chose to stay alongside the editor-in-chief appointed in November 2020, Philippe Bourbonne. With this exception, the Association of Journalists (common month, month) regrets Science and Vie JuniorAnd Discoveries of Science and Life And Wars and history), “The new organization of Science & Vie is characterized by the complete absence of scientific expertise within the editorial board.”. The first issue of the journal developed on these new rules (seven press card holders employed in technical positions) is due to be published in May.

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It’s fall 2020, just over a year after the Mondadori France stock was purchased by Reworld Media, The group, founded by Pascal Chevalier, says the situation is starting to tense. After 12 people leaned the allotment clause in half, the editorial staff demanded to hire 2 people, as they had promised. Not only did these recruitments take place, but the editor-in-chief at the time, Herve Poirere, lost editorial control of the site – at the root of factual errors since then. His departure (on the basis of a contractual break) was followed by a five-day strike, followed by a vote on a motion to withhold confidence from Editor-in-Chief Karen Zagaroli.

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Fear that “the mountain gives birth to a mouse”.

After being alerted to the magazine’s status, Culture Minister Roslyn Bachelet assigned Lawrence Franceschine, Chair of the Joint Commission on Publications and News Agencies (CPPAP), with a reflection task aimed at determining how access would be adapted. Press assistance for the presence of journalists in newsrooms. A document prepared by the representative of SNJ-CGT for Reworld Group, Dominique Carlier, sent to the ministry to feed its analysis, stating that the editorial staff has disappeared in this way, and the management has taken over the magazine sites. Self-employed on bills, not wages, etc. The mission’s conclusions and recommendations, expected in the next few days, will be the last stand for journalists Science and competition ?

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