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Boarding schools: Canadian bishops pledge $30 million | Boarding Schools: Discovering the Macabre in Kamloops

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This money will be given Over a period of up to five years, to fund programs designed to improve the lives of survivors, their families and communities, in consultation with First Nations, Métis and Inuit in each region of the country.

The bishops hope that these initiatives will allow a appease The trauma caused by the boarding school system.

The president of the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops, Bishop Raymond Poisson, noted that this $30 million envelope was the result of Unanimous consensus on the fact that Catholic institutions should do more and in a more realistic way To correct the mistakes of the past.

To distribute this sum and determine the distribution table, it must be CECC Intends to work with indigenous peoples. Current discussions with local leaders will be helpful in identifying which programs will provide the most effective support.Conference Vice President Bishop William McGratan said.

There is nothing that can take away the pain that survivors feel from boarding schools. corn […] By working together wherever we can, we hope to learn to walk together for renewed hope.

Quote from:Bishop William McGratan, Vice President of the CCCB

After the survivors, First Nations leaders and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau himself called the Catholic Church in Canada, urging it to acknowledge the harm its members had done to the indigenous population, CECC Apologies on September 24th.

For the first time, Canadian bishops assumed responsibility for Suffering in boarding schools [pour Autochtones] form Canada.

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Their announcement has left more than one person unsatisfied, including First Nations (AFN) National President Roseanne Archibald, who said she was “disappointed” because CECC Don’t go further.

Like Mrs. Archibald, the former residents and Aboriginal chiefs wanted to see CECC Moving from words to actions.

Papal apologies demanded

The survivors’ demands do not stem from the bishops’ recognition and financial support: they expect Pope Francis for an official apology. This is whatAPN and the Assembly of First Nations Quebec-Labrador.

In the Canadian Truth and Reconciliation Commission report, published in 2015, the call to action 58 stated that the pope should: Apologies on behalf of the Roman Catholic Church to survivors, their families, and affected communities for the spiritual, cultural, emotional, physical, and sexual abuse suffered by First Nations, Inuit, and Métis children in Catholic-run boarding schools.

Although he “expressed his pain” after unidentified burials of Aboriginal children were discovered near the grounds of a former residential school this summer, Pope Francis stopped short of apologizing.

After the remains of 215 children were found on the grounds of the former Kamloops residential school in late May, First Nations members said they had found hundreds of unidentified graves in Marival, Saskatchewan, and near Cranbrook, British Columbia.

In just over a month, it was announced that 1,148 graves of Aboriginal children had been discovered. Canadian flags, which have been plastered half-mast across the country in honor of the survivors and fall, still fly half-mast over federal buildings to this day.

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