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Boris Johnson caught between science and his political camp

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The British Prime Minister must manage the massive increase in pollution associated with the Omicron variant. Between the scandals about parties organized during confinement, the split between the Conservatives and the discontent of the population, Boris Johnson is careful not to hurt anyone.

With our correspondent in London, Mary Buddha

Boris Johnson torn. On the one hand, scientific advisors are pushing him to introduce new measures to deal with the COVID-19 pandemic. On the other hand, Conservative MPs oppose to completely new restrictions because they refuse to restrict individual and collective liberties. So Boris Johnson spoke on the evening of Monday 20 December. He is stalling at the moment.

« We agree that from now on we have to consult the data constantly, hour by hour, Prime Minister announces. And unfortunately I must tell you that we must reserve the possibility of taking other measures to protect the public. »

So there are no new measures, even though 91,000 people tested positive for the virus on Monday alone. Boris Johnson gives advice: Open the windows during Christmas dinner, get the checks done before then, and get vaccinated privately. He’s betting everything on the third dose. His goal so far: to avoid canceling Christmas for the second year in a row.

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