Science, like science fiction, is like this

You may have noticed this. The social network Twitter is teeming with collaborative accounts where enthusiasts share their science experiences for a week: Embed a TweetAnd the Embed a TweetAnd the Embed a TweetAnd the Embed a TweetAnd the Embed a TweetAnd the Embed a Tweet And so on. People who create, people who care, people who have their hands in it, people who seek and even people who communicate.

There are two accounts also dedicated to science communication: Embed a Tweet In English speaking circles and brand new Embed a Tweet In the French-speaking Twittosphere.

Comscicomca was just launched in September 2016, and it will allow museum scientists, educators, animators, journalists, illustrators, as well as all other players in the science communication field to directly share their profession with the public. Marion Sabbordi, from La Casemate in Grenoble, opened the account on September 26. Helen Carlettini fromScientific Callers Association of Quebec, Takes over this week.

Reflections, interactions, dreams, challenges, ways of working, and successes: We want to know who you are, what are the topics that spark your passion, and how to implement them. And this is wherever you are on the planet.

The more fun the conversation, the more exciting the conversation.

ComSciComÇa Team: Guilhem Boyer and Hélène Carlettini from ACS, David Carter, Mathilde De Vos, Charlotte Launay, Didier Michel for AMCSTI, Cécile Michaut, Brïte Pauchet, and Marion Sabourdy

Designer: Adrian Demelly

This post first appeared onScientific Callers Association of Quebec.

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