Both Peterbiev and Decayer promise victory, and so do their opponents

Oddly enough, the verbal conversations we were used to in press conferences surrounding big boxing matches this time were more the prerogative of the coaches than the boxers themselves.

At the Marcus Brown camp (24-1, 16 KOs), his new mentor Derek James declared the color fast in the 48-hour duel between the American and Artur Petribev (16-0, 16 K.-O.) unified IBF and WBC Light Heavyweight titles .

I realized when I got here how careless Expert Marcus was. We understand that. But it will be a historic battle. When Marcus gets his hands on both belts, it will make me the first coach in history to lead three unified champions simultaneously., said who inherited the title of coach of the year before Al-Khattam Magazine in 2017.

The other two boxers to hold two belts that James takes care of are Errol Spence (27-0, 21 KOs), WBC and IBF welterweight belt holder (147 lbs), and Jermel Charlow (33-1, 16 KOs), WBC, WBO and super welterweight champion IBF (154 lbs).

Brown touted Beterbiev’s merits and then said he would change the narrative by ending Montrealer’s approved winning streak.

Marcus Brown addresses reporters at a press conference.

Marcus Brown (right) and coach Derek James.

Photo: Radio Canada / Jean-Francois Chabot

good response

On the other side of the podium, Mark Ramsey was quick to remember that he knew Marcus Brown so well that he followed him from the amateur ranks, through the Olympics (Rio 2016) and right up to his gym.

It’s someone I’ve actually invited to some boot camp (among others to serve as Jean Pascal’s partner, editor’s note). So I know what mistake we are going to fight against. I know his strength. I know his weaknesses. And in my head, no doubt about the conclusion. I know how it will be, Lance Ramsay.

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good morning. Thanks for being hereBerterbiev said it in the language of Molière. A man of few words, and not only because of the language barrier, Petrbiev noted that he feels ready and will give his best.

Present at the press conference, Top Rank Boxing’s Director of Media Relations Ivan Korn noted that Petrbiev was the only world champion with a pure record and 100% win rate per knockout.

Two boxers taking a photo break.

Looking thoughtful, Cynthia Lozano poses alongside confident Marie-Yves Dekare.

Photo: Radio Canada / Jean-Francois Chabot

Lozano is not very talkative

If Mexican Cynthia Lozano (9-0, 7 K.-O.) did it somewhat timidly in front of the cameras, Marie-Yves Dekare (17-1) didn’t go out of the way to declare that the vacant IBF super middleweight belt was king She already has it and she will make sure she stays in Quebec.

After this photo separation, Decayer realized the qualities that make her opponent a boxer to be ranked number one by the World Boxing Association and number five by the International Boxing Association.

To make it in front of me, I think it’s a determined girl. A bit like Artur (Beterbiev), she let her fists speak. She’s not the most talkative or the best looking girl, but the good news is that you don’t need this to be a good fighter., said Decayer, saying that he was convinced that his opponent had prepared well for the duel.

“We studied very well! – Marie-Yves Decayer

For her part, Lozano simply reiterated that she came to win and that she knew she would have to beat a veteran opponent to achieve her goals.

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All these beautiful people will be back in the same conference room at the Intercontinental Hotel, Thursday noon, to take part in the official weighing process.

humble crowd

If promoter Yvon Michel has already confirmed that Friday’s event at Bell Center will be profitable, he owes it in large part to ESPN’s existence.

In fact, selling tickets did not live up to expectations. If you find the best center benches and the tables in the hole are quick to take, the same cannot be said of the seats a little further back in the higher rows. Nearly half of the 7,000 tickets on sale are still available.

A sign of the times and fears raised by COVID-19 that refuse to let go, fans are still waiting at major sporting events. Professional boxing has the same difficulties as hockey, soccer, soccer or tennis getting people back to the stands.

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