Brendan Gallagher and Philip Danault were shocked

The two true warriors, Philip Danault and Brendan Gallagher, were shaken hard after the Montreal Canadiens were eliminated in Game Five of the Stanley Cup Final.

The two attackers struggled to contain their tears as they answered reporters’ questions.

“It took a lot of energy, a long time to find our ‘game’ and find it in the playoffs,” Danault said in a tremulus voice. I am really proud of the team. We all pushed it together. We’ve accomplished something big…”

Despite the enormity of CH’s achievement, Danault remained unbearable, like his teammate, who was in no way comfortable with the fact that he had reached the final.

“There is no moral victory,” said Gallagher, grieving. At the beginning of the year we sat together and the goal was to be here. We expected to be here no matter what people think of our team. We surprised a lot of people, but we expected to be the team that celebrates now. That’s why it hurts so much.”

“When I told you how much we believed in him, I wasn’t lying.”

See the video above.

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