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Brendan Gallagher feels his body won’t let him down in 2022-23

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Virginia Whitehead
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Last year, during the first year of his contract, everyone agreed that Brendan Gallagher didn’t deliver the merchandise. It looked really painful all year long.

It is not just a feeling. on TSN 690Galley claimed that his body let him down last year and that this partly explains his poor performance all season.

Without falling into clichés, playing a lot of hockey for a few years (in the bubble in Toronto, until July 2021) didn’t help him. He plays physical hockey and seems to need long summers to recover, which he hasn’t had in a while.

This somewhat explains why he is so confident next season. CH cannot be finished earlier that year and she will have several months to heal her wounds and catch her breath.

He will need to be physically fit, but also mentally. After all, the guys will count on him to get through the tough season that still awaits CH.

This is whether he is the captain or not.

Moreover, during the interview, he was questioned about the title of captain. He was asked if he would be willing to listen to everything that would be said on the topic, whether it was him or someone else named. I see Joel Edmondson, but Nick Suzuki could be.

Galley, being a good captain, said the team would be in good hands with the man to be named.

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Now, everything is fine. With a new full-time coach and a new year, everything is always nicer and promises interesting. But I can’t wait to see if he’ll really be able to recover as he hopes.

Because if not, it will take a long time for him and his fans.

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