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Brendan Gallagher’s base? Sports value-added tax

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Virginia Whitehead
Virginia Whitehead
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“Nine out of ten people can look at the target and say it’s fine. The problem is that the one who is left is from Toronto.”

This is how Canadians striker Brendan Gallagher commented, into the TSN . microphoneThe referees (and the league) decision to deny him the goal he scored in the first half on Thursday night against the Hurricanes.

For many, that goal was too good to be true. Positioned in front of the goal, and slightly past the blue zone without touching the goalkeeper, Gallagher encountered a shot and scored.

or, Seems to be the official rule is that when a player skates into the fold of the goal and blocks his view while scoring a goal, the goal is not allowed. But do these regulations still apply to the letter?

For journalist Renaud Lavoie who spoke about it on “JiC” on Friday, we’re talking about “Brendan Gallagher’s base.” The CH striker, who likes to stir soup in front of the opponent’s net, is he the only one really targeted with this rule because of his reputation?

“If it wasn’t for Brendan in front of the goal, but rather for Mathieu Perrault, that goal would have been scored, in my opinion there is no doubt,” Renault said.

Watch the full discussion in the main video.

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