Brian Mulroney shows his support for Governor Erin O’Toole | Canada elections 2021

The former leader of the Progressive Conservative Party, Mr Mulroney, who was in power from 1984 to 1993, addressed Wednesday evening to Tory supporters assembled in Orford, Istria. His wife, Mila Mulroney, accompanied him on this occasion.

I’m not here tonight to attack anyoneHe burst into the crowd, after Jean Chretien had whipped Mr O’Toole and bloc leader Yves-François Blanchett the day before, during a speech in Brampton.

Mr. Mulroney continued, I am here for one reason. To help Irene O’Toole elect the next Prime Minister of Canada!

With humor, the 82-year-old former prime minister praised the merits of Mr O’Toole, who he said shows real driving necessary to govern the country. Erin O’Toole obeys strong principles and [possède] Courage to defend them in all circumstances, he completed.

In quoting the parallels between his background and that of the current Conservative leader, Mr. Mulroney noted: I am of Irish descent, and so is Erin. I became a lawyer, and so did Erin. I’m married and so is Erin. She became the leader of the party, and so did Irene.

She became the leader of the official opposition, and so did Irene. I became the Prime Minister of Canada. And next week, Erin, too.

Quote from:Brian Mulroney, former Prime Minister of Canada (1984-1993)

Mr. Mulroney said he got a call from Erin O’Toole five months ago asking for advice. He told me: The Prime Minister must tell you that the polls are against us, the media coverage [du PCC] Negative and there is discontent within the party.

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I replied: Irene, you must be happy! That’s exactly what they said about me three months before the 1984 election, when we won the vast majority in Canadian history.He said to cheer his supporters. The Conservatives won 211 of 282 seats that year.

The former Canadian prime minister stressed that he is not alone on Mr O’Toole’s side. Prime Minister’s statement [François] Legault in his eyes is very revealingNote, referring to the tacit support the latter showed for the Conservative Party leader.

Orford celebrated Erin O’Toole’s last leg of the campaign trail on Quebec soil. A little before that, the convoy of governors stopped at Jonquière, at Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean, where Mr. O’Toole presented himself as A new chef with a new approach.

He said the party is under his leadership both Comprehensive, diversified and progressive. It’s no longer the Conservative Party of your dad or grandfather’s time, he insisted.

Blanchett responds to Christian

In his speech the day before, former Liberal leader Jean Chretien, now 87, in particular accused the leader of the Quebecoa bloc of Claim to speak In the name of the AcadiansAfter the cancellation of a meeting between Mr. Blanchett and members of the Société de l’Acadie du Nouveau-Brunswick.

Well, the Akkadians said to him, “Take care of your own business. We are able to speak for ourselves.”Jean Chretien commented.

Mr Blanchett’s intervention I like a lot, he said sarcastically, Wednesday. At a press conference in Longueuil, the bloc leader said he was ready to make an effortProvided Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau does the same.

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Mr Chretien, do me a favor: tell Mr. Trudeau, when we speak of language […], from Quebec values […], Administration of the health system in Quebec [et] From the municipal infrastructure financing in Quebec, to take care of its own affairsYves Francois Blanchett said.

Like the Liberals and Conservatives, the New Democrats also used big names to bolster their campaign. Former NDP leader Ed Broadbent signed on Wednesday NPDHe called on his supporters to contribute to Jagmeet Singh’s campaign.

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