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British Columbia faces ‘extraordinary’ third heat wave

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The danger is serious, unequivocally launches Adrian Dix, the county health secretary. If you or people around you have symptoms, call 911.

Under a thermal dome at the end of June, 570 people suddenly lost their lives due to unusually high temperatures. The provincial government and some municipalities have come under heavy criticism for their unwillingness.

Many lessons were learned from this event Unique and tragic, says regional medical officer for health Bonnie Henry. We have noticed that the temperature inside homes sometimes increases dramatically, until it becomes fatal for a person whose body cannot adapt to it.

This is something we have never seen before in British ColumbiaDr. Henry says:

People view a chimney lake in Kamloops, British Columbia, during wildfires in the summer of 2021.

Photo: Radio Canada / Ivan Mitsui

Heat wave: Take 3

Public health and safety authorities are uniting and announcing a series of additional measures, including an increase in the number of medical personnel, ambulance workers and emergency service dispatchers over the coming days.

Not only will refreshment centers open across the county, but transportation services will be available to locations that are most isolated or without public transportation access.

The county is working closely with local communities and First Nations to help individuals and communities weather this heat waveRest assured, for her part, Public Safety Minister Mike Farnworth.

Exhausted British Columbians, but united

With heat, smoke, wildfires, and an epidemic, the summer was especially badBC Health Chief Medical Officer Bonnie Henry acknowledges.

We must realize that summer is not only tough physically, but also emotionally and mentally.

Quote from:Bonnie Henry, Chief Medical Officer of Health, British Columbia

Adrian Dix says he has been moved by the solidarity shown by British Columbians in recent weeks. I encourage people to keep helping each other.

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Make sure your older family members, neighbors and friends are all right, recommend the authorities.

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