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British Columbia | The fire was extinguished on the cargo ship off Victoria

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(Victoria) A fire that has been burning for nearly a week on a container ship anchored off Victoria has been put out.

Statement from Danaos Shipping Manager MV Zim Kingston, indicates that the specialist marine services company you have chartered will begin the cleaning process on the ship.

The statement said that the same company was contracted to search for 109 containers that overtook the ship last week, at the same time that the fire broke out on the ship.

At least five containers were spotted in the water or aground at the northern tip of Vancouver Island, more than 400 kilometers from the ship, the Canadian Coast Guard said in a statement Thursday.

At least two of the missing containers contained hazardous materials, while others contained Christmas decorations, sofas, household appliances, auto parts, toys, and other items used in daily life.

The Coast Guard says modeling the trajectory of environment and climate change in Canada shows that containers that are still afloat will continue to drift north.

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